In order to present a solution in the plastic injection market and the construction of plastic injection molds, an algaplast algorithm as the principle is applied to the customers of a fully verticalized company, using the maximized time model to meet their demands. Meet Algaplast!

Plastic Molding Injection

We have state-of-the-art equipment and resources, our industrial park is comprised of CNC'S milling machines, erosion, blocking machine, CNC'S lathes, Romi injection molding machines up to 350 Tons with injection capacity up to 1,500 Kg. We have our project with a highly qualified team to develop new products and services as per customer specifications.

We serve the mining, automotive, agricultural, Oil & Gas and other niches. With clients such as Dover Group; SEW Brazil; Emerson Electric; Pirelli; the Brazilian subways, CPTM, etc.